Crush it from the Start

50 Tips for New Teachers

Welcome to the Teaching Profession!

Is it what you expected? For many new teachers, that answer is a resounding no! The challenges and barriers you face may be unlike anything you prepared for or learned about prior to stepping into the classroom. Teaching is an amazing and wonderful career, but it is rife with obstacles to overcome.

As practicing K-20 educators who have worked in rural and urban settings teaching a wide array of students, authors Matt Rhoads, Sam Fecich, Casey Jakubowski, and Kevin Leichtman will lead you through the hottest topics, surprising situations, and crucial advice that will help you flourish in year one.

We know what it’s like to enter a classroom for the first time and think, “I’m the adult in charge right now?” Authors Matt, Sam, Casey, and Kevin have extensive experience both in teaching and as leaders in helping pre-service and new educators transition to the classroom. The first year can be overwhelming from the start.

Our book is meant to shorten your learning curve and help you operate at your best in the classroom. Furthermore, we will lead you through some of the most difficult and jarring situations that a teacher may ever have to deal with. Through compassion, empathy, and experience, we will prepare you for the realities of the classroom.

This isn’t just a book. It is the confidence boost you need to be the teacher you always wanted to become.

What People are Saying

An information-packed read with useful workbook features, “50 Tips” is the 21st Century Teacher’s guidebook to the school and classroom world. Whether you are a new teacher trying to find your way in education or a veteran teacher looking to refresh your craft, this book is for you. I like to use it as a reference guide for tips and strategies in coaching sessions with teachers. However, it is also organized to read chronologically if desired. The work pages are easy to duplicate and helpful to work through to organize thoughts and create plans for the different strategies featured.– Renee Dawson, Instructional Coach

As a newer teacher, I highly recommend this book. I love that it has tips that correlate to each month during the year. As we know as educators, the school year ebbs and flows, and our overall mental and physical well being does as well. This book is a great resource for any educators who need encouragement and some tips to navigate the school year.– Susan Jachymiak, Elementary School Teacher

“I recently read this book as I’m going to use it with my student-teacher interns. I wish there was a book when I started my teaching career, it would have saved me a lot of headaches and growing pains. Jumping into the teaching profession can be very challenging and this book provides you with very practical concepts that will get you through the toughest times of your first years. What I like is that the authors not only provide you with guidance but also share stories related to each tip from their teaching experience. Each tip also includes a space and guiding questions to help the reflect on what they just read in order to plan for the challenges that they may face. In addition to the tips, the authors also guide you on how to handle difficult scenarios that teachers face. I highly recommend this book to new teachers in the profession as a book to read before you start your first day as it will give you the tools to overcome the adversity you may face in your first year.” – Mark Uriel, Mentor Teacher and Award Winning Middle School Teacher

Bulk Orders

Looking to add our book to your school or district? If you have decided that teacher induction and retention is a primary focus, this book is a needed resource. Make sure every new educator has the opportunity to learn from real educators by getting this book in their hands. Contact us now to place a bulk order!