Episode 235 of the TeacherCast Podcast: Crush It From The Start: 50 Tips For New Teachers (And Coaches)!

From the episode description: In this episode of “Ask the Tech Coach,” Host Jeff Bradbury welcomed Dr. Matthew Rhoads and Dr. Casey Jakubowski on the podcast to discuss the importance of supporting our new staff members. They outline the “Why” behind Crush it from the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers as well as preview various tips as to how we can support new teachers at our school sites as well as set them up for sustainable and enjoyable careers in education.

MyEdTechLyde Podcast Episode 174: Crush it from the Start – 50 Tips for New Teachers

From the episode description: Are you ready to take on the challenge of teaching? Join me as I welcome Dr. Matthew Rhoads and Dr. Samantha Fecich to the podcast. Together we’ll explore the unexpected challenges that new teachers face – from managing a classroom to utilizing technology for instruction. Dr. Rhoads and Dr. Fecich will equip you with their invaluable knowledge of the teaching field with Crush it From the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers – learn how to get started on the right foot and crush it from day one!

Relate Then Educate Podcast: Crush it from the Start with Dr. Casey Jakubowski & Dr. Sam Fecich

From the episode description: New teachers and future teachers!! You do NOT want to miss this conversation. Erin & Rick sit down with Dr. Casey Jakubowski & Dr. Sam Fecich who wrote, along with 2 other authors, “Crush It from the Start: 50 Tips for New Teachers”. We discuss some awesome tools and tricks from the book that can help teachers as they’re starting out their careers. Casey and Sam were a blast to get to have on the show and, truly, this book sounds like a gem!

Relate Then Educate Podcast: Retaining and Recruiting Teachers with Dr. Matt Rhoads

From the episode description: Erin and Rick got to chat with Dr. Matt Rhoads. It is always so special to connect with educators across the country who share the same heart for teachers and that’s exactly what happened when we talked to Matt! Matt does it all – author, podcaster, consultant, EdTech Lecturer & Integrationist, Instructional Leader, Teacher Candidate Supervisor, and Doctoral Dissertation Chair. He lives and breathes education and his body of work is expansive! We discussed new ideas to address education’s current climate, ways to retain and recruit teachers, and honoring our profession.