Critical Conversation: Tip 28 – Developing Equity for Sanity’s Sake

In this video, the authors of Crush It From The Start: 50 Tips For New Teachers come together to discuss an increasingly important topic in education: equity. They discuss what equity looks like in their learning spaces, their perceptions on equity and how it has evolved over time, and what the bigger role of equity should be at the school and district levels.

Critical Conversation: Setting Boundaries As New Teachers

In a period where many teachers find themselves overworked, stressed, and burned out, it’s important to be able to set boundaries and limits while staying true to the work and maintaining good relationships with colleagues. As part of this series of critical conversations, educators and authors Drs. Matt Rhoads, Samantha Fecich, Casey Jakubowski, and Kevin Leichtman share strategies and ideas on how to successfully navigate this balance. They also share more about their new book, Crush It From The Start: 50 Tips For New Teachers, and how all teachers and find the support they need throughout the school year.

Critical Conversation: Classroom Routines and Managing Communication

Classroom routines are simple yet effective strategies to optimize instructional time, build relationships with students, and encourage good habits. In this critical conversation, Drs. Matt, Sam, Casey and Kevin share their favorite classroom routines and also discuss how to successfully manage important conversations with various stakeholders.